Moxy Hotels – News and updates

Moxy hotels the hip Marriott and IKEA brand was introduced in 2014, and coming in 2017 to Amsterdam. The first Dutch settlement is built at the Houthavens (next to the Amsterdam Central Station) in Amsterdam.

The first Moxy hotel opened in Milan in 2014. Moxy collaborates for the establishment with IKEA. The Moxy hotels are characterized by the budget rates, “smart design” rooms, plenty of connections for electricity, a full bathroom and a fast wifi connection. The ground floor will get a lively lobby. Moxy will focus on Millennials, people between 18 and 33 years (generation X and Y). They want minimal décor and maximum experience. The Moxy Hotel Amsterdam at the IJ also receives a restaurant and swimming pool.

Moxy can keep the rates low by saving among hotel staff. The aim is to let the guests do as much as possible themselves. Despite the low rates the hotel guests keep receiving the Marriott Rewards loyalty points or for an overnight stay.

Moxy hotels can be found in other popular cities like Berlin, Aberdeen, Frankfurt and New Orleans. Before 2020 Moxy wants to open 150 hotels worldwide. In Utrecht Rotsoord, Moxy will open a hotel with 160 rooms, construction start is scheduled for late 2017. A list of all Moxy hotels can be found on

How To Have The Best All Inclusive Holiday

All inclusive holidays are the kind of holiday some would dream of – where everything is taken care of and all that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy. This is so because everything is paid for upfront like the flights, accommodation, meals, drinks and activities.

Essentially, a round price per person is offered. All inclusive holidays are usually for a seven day period. Air travel is included in with ATOL protection in the UK which takes care of the consumer’s interests in the event of the tour operator not providing or unable to provide because of some unforeseen event, what was promised in the tour package.

An all inclusive package usually contains

  • Return Transfers
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Snacks throughout the day
  • Locally produced alcoholic and soft drinks including wine and beer
  • Selected activities
  • Gyms and swimming pools
  • Live entertainment
  • Children’s activities.

These tours are described in detail on the tour operator’s website, and since there are many, they can be sorted on different parameters like price or ranking by an independent agency, for the consumer to make a good and fairly easy choice. Reviews of those who took those holiday packages also are a very important input when deciding.

Last minute all inclusiveholdiays & off season all inclusive holidays

These are the all inclusive holidays to look at if you are looking for good deals. Last minute holidays require a prior booking period of four weeks not less. Although regular scheduled airline charges increase for last minute flights, chartered flights which operate on all inclusive holidays sell last minute deals mainly to sun destinations. Off season all inclusive holidays are greatly enjoyed and highly ranked by trip advisory sites. Favorite destinations include the Caribbean, Mexico etc.

How to have the best all inclusive holiday

  • Look for the best names in holiday providers in the business
  • Book early and as a group
  • Choose a suitable resort. If there are no children, go for an adults only resort and vice versa. Children will enjoy at a resort that have activities and amenities provided for their enjoyment.
  • Get to know the resort before hand. Don’t choose a resort which is far from civilization.
  • Be prepared for costs that have not been considered, like the cost of visiting specialty restaurants in the resort, consumption of imported liquor, using game tables – You mostly have to pay for these as well as excursions, laundry, massages, beauty treatments and internet
  • Travel off season, and keep an eye out for sales
  • Consider travel insurance for medical emergency, emergency evacuation and repatriation and trip cancellations.
  • Take the help of the concierge and advantage of their knowledge regarding local attractions.
  • Make dinner reservations for a high end restaurant at the resort you wish to visit
  • Ask if your food can be packed if you are setting out for the day
  • Ask for any amenities that might be missing eg. Baby cots
  • Be clear about the tipping policy by observing others and asking at the front desk.

Important Travelling Tips Every Family Should Know

Safety is one of the biggest considerations that you should remember when travelling. It is a perfect combination of common sense and technology nowadays. Having the right tools that will help you enjoy a fun and safe trip, especially abroad, as a family and being aware makes every vacation a memorable experience.

Pack lightly but completely

When travelling, clothes, sunblock and toiletries are not the only items that should be on your list. You need to pack emergency medicines for the kids as well as yourself, phones, chargers and a few toys to keep the kids entertained when travelling.

Travelling by car may allow you to bring a lot of stuff on your trunk, travelling on a plane might require you to have several baggage handy for you and your children. You can also pack a handful of snacks, especially when travelling by car so that you and your kids would not end up hungry in case you do not find a restaurant on the route to your destination.

Money matters

It is not a good idea to bring a large amount of cash especially when mobile. Carry at least one credit card with you or a debit car if possible to be able that you are protected from theft. In the event that your wallet or card is stolen, you can easily call your bank and have it blocked. Insist that your kids have money in their pockets as well in case they roam around without you. Keep your cards and pins separated from your wallet and cash just to be safe.

Keep in touch

Make sure that you friend, a neighbor or your mom is aware of your family’s whereabouts. Let them know where you are going and where you will be staying. It is also a good idea to keep in touch occasionally while you are away or as soon as you arrive to your travel destination. Leave a telephone number where you can be reached. Keeping important numbers handy is also a must like local emergency numbers, hospitals, taxi services and other business to be able to get the assistance that you need when you need it.

Do your prior research

Seeing new things and experiencing new places is one of the best things that you can get out from your travels. This is why it is important to know where and when to visit a specific place to get the most from it. Keep in mind safety when exploring to get the most out of the moment. Always have an accurate map of the area. Have your GPS on and request information mailed to you, weeks prior to your actual vacation.

Protect yourself and your family while having fun and embracing the moments of your good times together with these travel tips.