Moxy Hotels – News and updates

Moxy hotels the hip Marriott and IKEA brand was introduced in 2014, and coming in 2017 to Amsterdam. The first Dutch settlement is built at the Houthavens (next to the Amsterdam Central Station) in Amsterdam.

The first Moxy hotel opened in Milan in 2014. Moxy collaborates for the establishment with IKEA. The Moxy hotels are characterized by the budget rates, “smart design” rooms, plenty of connections for electricity, a full bathroom and a fast wifi connection. The ground floor will get a lively lobby. Moxy will focus on Millennials, people between 18 and 33 years (generation X and Y). They want minimal d├ęcor and maximum experience. The Moxy Hotel Amsterdam at the IJ also receives a restaurant and swimming pool.

Moxy can keep the rates low by saving among hotel staff. The aim is to let the guests do as much as possible themselves. Despite the low rates the hotel guests keep receiving the Marriott Rewards loyalty points or for an overnight stay.

Moxy hotels can be found in other popular cities like Berlin, Aberdeen, Frankfurt and New Orleans. Before 2020 Moxy wants to open 150 hotels worldwide. In Utrecht Rotsoord, Moxy will open a hotel with 160 rooms, construction start is scheduled for late 2017. A list of all Moxy hotels can be found on

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